40 GHz Termination for TVAC Applications

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Manchester NH – April 10th 2015:   XMA Corporation
XMA Corporation Releases 40GHz Termination Family with Zero Outgassing Emissions
XMA Corporation, a leader in advanced Microwave and RF products, announced the Release of high frequency terminations with zero outgassing features.
A recent independent test performed by Integrity Testing Laboratory (ITL) confirmed an important finding that 40GHz millimeter wave terminations manufactured by XMA Corporation meets ASTM Method E 595 Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM) standards.
Under a controlled temperature and humidity environment, the assemblies showed a CVCM value of 0.08%, far lower than the recommended screening CVCM standard of 0.10% by ASTM E 595.
President of XMA Marc Smith stated, “Our Engineering and Design teams have successfully achieved extremely low levels of outgassing, far surpassing the current ASTM E 595 standard.  Having such a low Total Mass Loss figure is a key milestone regarding applications where vacuum conditions drive higher than normal performance standards”.
According to Mark Stanley, Director of Sales and Business Development for XMA, “Applications using RF millimeter wave in the 40 & 50 GHz frequency bands is increasing, specifically in the space and science communities. Our recent low CVCM success, from independent laboratory testing of our associated materials, supports a design and manufacturing standard that surpasses past practices for coaxial terminations. The industry can now rely on XMA as a manufacturing partner to build products that surpass the ASTM standards, thereby, reducing risk in key applications”.
Such low TML and CVCM is rare in the RF industry. XMA is able to achieve such positive results by selecting key materials and setting manufacturing standards that closely align with their AS9100 Quality Standards.
XMA Corporation is an industry leader in high frequency RF and Microwave products and services. XMA, located in Manchester NH and hosting a direct alliance with XMA Asia located in Tianjin China, provides high quality precision parts for the communications, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Defense industry. 
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