Cyrogenic Product Development

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CRYOGENIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:   Manchester NH - March 24, 2015:  XMA Corporation, an industry leader in microwave and RF component technology, announced further developments of their CRYOGENIC product family of attenuators, adapters, and terminations, expanding performance parameters into the 4 Kelvin (-273.15°C) temperature range.  Technical advancements with thin film design and fabrication at XMA, allows performance levels to reach new milestones with Millimeter and Microwave RF products.
XMA Corporation, powered by Omni Spectra®, now offers a complete line of CRYOGENIC RF, coaxial passive components that range from DC to 50GHz in frequency range using various industry standard connectors.
Asked about the new product launch, President and CEO, Marc E. Smith, mentioned, “In line with our Omni Spectra brand and the XMA commitment to provide advanced RF and microwave products, we are excited to release the next generation family of CRYOGENIC passive products using our patented thin film design and manufacturing techniques. 
The future growth area for CRYOGENIC coaxial products is found in all frequency bands where severe environmental conditions mandate high performance levels, primarily for deep space, Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) and base communications transceivers located on commercial satellite platforms.

XMA Corporation, an industry leader in high frequency RF and Microwave products and services.  Headquarter in Manchester, NH and with locations at XMA Asia in Tianjin China, XMA provides high quality precision parts for the communications, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Defense industry. 

For more information on XMA or their products, please contact Brandy Gosselin, 603-222-2256 x234.