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XMA Corporation and RFMW Form Supplier/Distribution Alliance

Manchester NH – May 18, 2015:   XMA Corporation
XMA Corporation and RFMW Form Supplier/Distribution Alliance
XMA Corporation and RFMW LTD, both leaders in advanced Microwave and RF products, announced the signing of a Global Distribution Agreement for XMA products.
During an address to the employees of XMA, President Marc Smith stated, “RFMW is a global leader in distribution for RF products, and our team is extremely pleased to form a distribution alliance with them.  RFMW provides a powerful combination of professional grade products as well as hosting Subject Matter Experts that assist customers in choosing proper high performance, quality products for their application.  XMA and our family of Omni Spectra products is an industry leader in performance and quality of Micro/Millimeter wave products that serves commercial, military and space applications.  Our products align directly within the strengths of RFMW.”
RFMW services customers with products from specialized RF&MW component manufacturers who have a need to utilize a technical sales and marketing approach combined with premier customer service in the form of a time and place utility. The Company focuses its sales and marketing resources solely on applications and markets of customers who design and manufacture with RF&MW components in their end product.  According to Joel Levine, President and CEO of RFMW, “We see increasing interest in the types of products XMA has to offer. The strength of the XMA brand and their Omni Spectra pedigree will be a distinct benefit to our customers as we expand our passive component product focus. In addition, XMA offers many unique products that are not available from our existing franchised lines, such as adaptenuators, adapterminations, and the legacy Omni Spectra/ M/A-Com couplers and power dividers.”
XMA Corporation is an industry leader in high frequency RF and Microwave products and services.  Located in Manchester NH and hosting a direct alliance with XMA Asia located in Tianjin China, XMA provides high quality precision parts for the communications, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Defense industry. 
For more information on XMA or their products, please contact Brandy Gosselin (603)222-2256 x234.  For information on RFMW, please contact Gerry Camacho (951) 837-8344

Cyrogenic Product Development

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CRYOGENIC PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT:   Manchester NH - March 24, 2015:  XMA Corporation, an industry leader in microwave and RF component technology, announced further developments of their CRYOGENIC product family of attenuators, adapters, and terminations, expanding performance parameters into the 4 Kelvin (-273.15°C) temperature range.  Technical advancements with thin film design and fabrication at XMA, allows performance levels to reach new milestones with Millimeter and Microwave RF products.
XMA Corporation, powered by Omni Spectra®, now offers a complete line of CRYOGENIC RF, coaxial passive components that range from DC to 50GHz in frequency range using various industry standard connectors.
Asked about the new product launch, President and CEO, Marc E. Smith, mentioned, “In line with our Omni Spectra brand and the XMA commitment to provide advanced RF and microwave products, we are excited to release the next generation family of CRYOGENIC passive products using our patented thin film design and manufacturing techniques. 
The future growth area for CRYOGENIC coaxial products is found in all frequency bands where severe environmental conditions mandate high performance levels, primarily for deep space, Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) and base communications transceivers located on commercial satellite platforms.

XMA Corporation, an industry leader in high frequency RF and Microwave products and services.  Headquarter in Manchester, NH and with locations at XMA Asia in Tianjin China, XMA provides high quality precision parts for the communications, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Defense industry. 

For more information on XMA or their products, please contact Brandy Gosselin, 603-222-2256 x234. 

40 GHz Termination for TVAC Applications

Manchester NH – April 10th 2015:   XMA Corporation
XMA Corporation Releases 40GHz Termination Family with Zero Outgassing Emissions
XMA Corporation, a leader in advanced Microwave and RF products, announced the Release of high frequency terminations with zero outgassing features.
A recent independent test performed by Integrity Testing Laboratory (ITL) confirmed an important finding that 40GHz millimeter wave terminations manufactured by XMA Corporation meets ASTM Method E 595 Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Material (CVCM) standards.
Under a controlled temperature and humidity environment, the assemblies showed a CVCM value of 0.08%, far lower than the recommended screening CVCM standard of 0.10% by ASTM E 595.
President of XMA Marc Smith stated, “Our Engineering and Design teams have successfully achieved extremely low levels of outgassing, far surpassing the current ASTM E 595 standard.  Having such a low Total Mass Loss figure is a key milestone regarding applications where vacuum conditions drive higher than normal performance standards”.
According to Mark Stanley, Director of Sales and Business Development for XMA, “Applications using RF millimeter wave in the 40 & 50 GHz frequency bands is increasing, specifically in the space and science communities. Our recent low CVCM success, from independent laboratory testing of our associated materials, supports a design and manufacturing standard that surpasses past practices for coaxial terminations. The industry can now rely on XMA as a manufacturing partner to build products that surpass the ASTM standards, thereby, reducing risk in key applications”.
Such low TML and CVCM is rare in the RF industry. XMA is able to achieve such positive results by selecting key materials and setting manufacturing standards that closely align with their AS9100 Quality Standards.
XMA Corporation is an industry leader in high frequency RF and Microwave products and services. XMA, located in Manchester NH and hosting a direct alliance with XMA Asia located in Tianjin China, provides high quality precision parts for the communications, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Defense industry. 
For more information on XMA or their products, Powered by Omni Spectra®, please contact Brandy Gosselin (603)222-2256 x234.  

XMA Receives AS9100 Certification

XMA Corporation is proud to announce that it is now AS9100 registered.
This is the latest accomplishment for the XMA team as the work to cement their position as a leader in the RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave Industry.

Marc Smith, President and CEO commented, “As an industry leader for RF and micro/millimeter wave products, XMA believes the AS9100 Registration is not only an important step in our growth strategy and customer satisfaction, but also serves as a testament to our great employees and our commitment for continuous improvement.  Our vision has always been to build a Quality Management System that serves both our market and company, and by doing so, the registration process proved successful.  Receiving the official registration supports this vision and will allow XMA to grow into the future.”  

The certifying body, NSF, completed the AS9100 Revision C:2009 audit in May of 2014 and awarded the certificate in June after final ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) review. Additionally, this ensures their compliance to ISO9001:2008.

The company’s OASIS Identification Numbers (OIN) is 6139559280.

Click here for a digital copy of the certificate. 

XMA-Omni Spectra® Introduces its 40 and 50 GHz Power Dividers

XMA Corporation, powered by Omni Spectra®, is proud to introduce our new 40 & 50 GHz Power Dividers.  These broadband Power Dividers have a lightweight, compact design and they operate between temperatures of -54°C TO +125°C while offering great VSWR through the frequency range of 10 GHz to 50 GHz.  These can be used for many test, production, commercial, and military applications.  For detailed specifications on the 40 GHz Power Divider, click here.  For detailed specifications on the 50 GHz Power Divider, click here

 Click Here for the 40 GHz Outline Drawing         

 Click Here for the 50 GHz Outline Drawing  


XMA-Omni Spectra® Welcomes HTS

XMA Corporation-Omni Spectra® is pleased to announce the appointment of High-Tech Sales (H-t-S) as their New England Manufacturing Representatives. H-t-S covers the New England military and commercial electronic markets. H-t-S has extensive technical experience in the RF, Microwave, Interconnect and Test markets.
When asked for comment, Brandy Gosselin, Director of Sales and Marketing, stated, “High Tech Sale’s (H-t-S) in-depth knowledge of our product line, coupled with their reputation of providing excellent service in New England makes them the perfect addition to the XMA/Omni Spectra® Team." 

Additionally, Mr. Jay Brewster of H-t-S added, “It is ironic that two companies that have roots established in New England since the mid-70's are now partnered in 2013. H-t-S looks forward to representing XMA Omni Spectra ®in New England and re-introducing our customers to the Omni Spectra ® brand. 
For New England product inquires, contact H-t-S at 603-488-1333 or

For general inquires contact Brandy Gosselin at 603-222-2256 or            

XMA Corporation- Omni Spectra® Expands Operations

To support increased business volume from several of its  RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave passive components, XMA Corporation has expanded its operations at 150 Dow Street in Manchester, NH by 50%. The expansion provides additional space for the increased business in XMA’s high frequency (up to 67 GHz) and high power (up to 500 watts) coaxial attenuator, termination, dc block, power divider, directional coupler and equalizer product lines.

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Marc Smith Joins XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra® As President and CEO

January 11, 2013

XMA Corporation – Omni Spectra®, located in Manchester, NH, announces the appointment of Marc Smith as the company’s new President and CEO effective January 1, 2013.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors of the XMA Corporation I would like to welcome Marc Smith as the new President and CEO of XMA, “ said Fred Goodrich, XMA Board Member. “In his new position Marc replaces Jim Doyle, who has chosen to move on after leading XMA to its most successful year to date. Marc brings an impressive wealth of manufacturing and management experience to the company. We wish both Marc and Jim success in their new endeavors.”

Marc is an experienced leader with skills in building collaborative teams and creating business partnerships that drive improved organizational performance. Most recently he worked as Vice President of the Communications Business Unit for Gentex Corporation, an industry-leading high technology company in the warfighter protection, communications, and firefighter protection markets. Marc also held the positions of VP Global Sales and VP / General Manager during his very successful 18 year career with Gentex Corporation.

“Working with the customers and team members of XMA is a fabulous opportunity for me.  The current product and technical strengths of XMA support a strategic growth path which is well-positioned to meet the challenging demands of our customers”, said Marc. “The next generation XMA products are directly aligned to compliment the growing RF & microwave markets and working with XMA to bring these technical advancements forward is a welcomed challenge for all of us.  I personally wish to thank the shareholders and employees at XMA for providing me the tremendous opportunity to assist in moving the company forward”.

About XMA Corporation – Omni Spectra®
XMA Corporation was born in 2003 with the acquisition of the Omni Spectra® Connectorized Attenuators and Terminations products from Tyco Electronics, M/A-Com. The XMA team, which includes several former M/A-COM employees, started the company, not only to revitalize the Omni Spectra® product line, but also to manufacture the next generation of industry leading passive RF and microwave components, including the addition of power dividers/combiners, directional couplers, and a extensive variety of custom solutions to address their customer’s specific requirements. Today, XMA offers the original Omni Spectra® designed components and many new designs utilizing domestic, in-house processes including proprietary thin and thick fim fabrication. In 2010, XMA expanded this in-house capability with our soft-board technology processes in order to support the original Omni Spectra® Coupler and Divider products. The company continues to create new standard and customized solutions for some of the most advanced communications, military, and aerospace applications today.