Our policy and the historical practices at XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra® and its subsidiaries have always been to conduct business lawfully and ethically in all countries where we operate.

As a condition of employment at XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra® every employee has an obligation to act at all times fairly and honestly. The commitment to ethical conduct as an institution is fundamental to employees and is the foundation we build upon for long term success.

These standards are intended to help our employees throughout the world understand their individual obligation to comply with the highest ethical standards.  The standards drive and reinforce integrity, trust and improve communities where we serve.

The following statement reassures XMA Corporation - Omni Spectra’s®, firm commitment to compliance.
All employees shall be aware that compliance with laws takes priority over all other objectives, including obtaining orders, improving profits, and others.
  • The Company shall comply with the U.S FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • The Company shall comply with all ITAR and US trade regulations
  • The Company shall comply with the Anti-monopoly Law and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and shall ensure fair and free competition between companies.
  • The Company shall comply with laws related to accounting and taxation, accounting standards, and in-house regulations, and conduct its accounting in a correct manner.
  • The Company shall comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and shall not conduct any illegal transactions.
  • The Company shall comply with labor-related laws, endeavor to eliminate sexual harassment and power harassment, and ensure a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  • The Company shall observe laws related to the environment, and shall be dedicated to protection of the environment for human health and life.
  • The Company shall comply with the Subcontract Law, and construct healthy partnerships with our suppliers.
  • The Company shall comply with laws and internal regulations related to confidentiality, and shall correctly manage its confidential business information.
  • The Company shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and enact correct management of personal information.
  • The Company shall observe the laws of other nations related to import and export.
  • The Company shall not engage in any gift-giving or entertainment activities for public servants or clients which are in violation of the law or which exceed the bounds of social norms.

In order to prevent compliance violations resulting from insufficient awareness of laws and social rules, we shall conduct training of related personnel.