XMA Corporation-Omni Spectra® is focused on full microwave passive development and electronic RF manufacturing services. We have a proven track record of being a responsive, agile partner to our customers to drive the optimal program solution. Our XMA Corporation-Omni Spectra®, RF passive electronics engineering services provide: 
  • Value of XMA on site Control and manufacturing
  • Broad commercial and military  manufacturing approaches 
  • Exceptional  high level of customization 
  • DFARS & RoHS compliance 
  • Flexible production and shipping schedules
Test Capabilities
XMA has testing capabilities for most commercial, military and Hi Reliability testing that is applicable to our products.  
  • MIL-STD-202; MIL-STD-883; MIL-DTL-3933; MIL-DTL-39030; MIL-DTL-15370; MIL-PRF-39012; MIL-PRF-55339; MIL-STD-810; ESCC 3403/XXX; and many more are familiar to us.
In House Equipment
  • SOLT, TRL units are calibrated in our 10 MHz to 50 GHz Vector Network Analyzer’s. And our many VNA’s that are used for our 10 MHz – 20 GHz products.
  • Burns in Chambers are elevated to temperatures of 150° C.  Our Product Burn-In for Resistive Products such as attenuators, terminations, etc.
  • Thermal Shock is available to meet customer’s specifications; -65°C to +180°C cycling.
  • Peak Power testing system for single unit to high volume.
  • Pulsed Signal at power for resistive products.
Other Multiple DMMs, computer controlled data collection, inductance metrology, and capacitor metrology. Interface Gauges, Push/Pull testing, etc. are typically done in house.
Additional testing available based on specifications above either in house or though our strategic partners: Mechanical Shock, Monitored Thermal Cycling, Vibration, Random Vibration; Radiographic's, SEM Analysis; Moisture Resistance, etc. to most MIL Standards is readily available.
XMA will review your requirements or Source Control Documents (SCD’s), Quality Clauses, or other conformance, ATP, QTP/QTR, Group B, Qualification or similar need and program manage these tests with all needed reports, data, certifications, etc. delivered with your products or DPA samples. 
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